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Store/Branch Manager - Durban
Raqruit (Pty) LTD
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

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Q1: Did you graduate matric/ grade 12 from a registered secondary school facility in South Africa?
Q2: Do you have a valid South African motor vehicle drivers licence?
Q3: During your work experience, have you ever been disciplinary charged for misconduct?
Q4: During your work experience have you ever been involved (in any way, even if at no fault of your own) in any instance of dishonesty, fraud or theft?
Q5: Have you ever decided to resign from a previous job to avoid disciplinary action being taken against you?
Q6: Have you ever been arrested or appeared in court? (Please indicate even if case was withdrew, dismissed or you were found not guilty)
Q7: Have you ever taken more than 10 days off from work (ad-hoc or consecutively) for any illness or injury suffered?
Q8: Are you currently or have you in the last 5 years suffered from any chronic or recurring illness which has required you to take time off from work?
Q9: Can you confirm that at all/ any of your previous jobs if you resigned - did you resigned following the correct procedure and did you work the required notice period.
Q10: If you answered yes to questions 3 - 8, please provide details of the event/s in the space below. This will be discussed with you further in the telephonic interview.

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